KTIRIO S.A. is a construction company which holds  a leading role in the field of  producing superior quality luxury houses and buildings in Crete.
Ktirio S.A. was established in 1998 by Alexandros Kapetanakis (Ciivil Enginner) and Dimitra Koureli ( Civil Engineer). ​

Until today our company has produced more than 30 luxury complexes of apartment buildings, offices and commercial buildings, all provided with underground parking lot facilities, situated in the best areas of Heraklion City.
The success of the company can be attributed to the wise choice of the best building sites, the devotion of its people to the philosophy of quality work as well as to its unquestionable reliability.
​For the past fourteen years, the company has successfully aimed at domestic customers and despite the current economic crisis  the growth rate is rising.
​​The recognition of the company in its current leading position comes from its domestic customers and constitutes a guarantee for our customers from abroad, as well.
The manpower of the company is more than willing to work with people interested in buying  real estate  so as to obtain what you really desire making a wise investment, too. ​Our company can undertake  construction projects, fully adjusted to our customers requirements.

Our firm, in the field of construction, gives an additional value to your investment, because of the high architectural aesthetic, design, and of course the systems of high quality control applied.
Moreover, the environmentally friendly energy saving designing plus the interior design provided along with attention to detail, leads  to the best results. After sale services are our firm 's policy, too.
Services are offered to our customers from abroad so as to facilitate their buying procedure. Additionally after sale services for the maintenance and safety of the property are provided and we are always eager to discuss any other facilitation.

Our firm can also undertake the building of luxury accommodation, combining solid construction and high aesthetic, not only in Greece, but overseas as well. This possibility enables us,  to offer our clients abroad the chance to own the house they desire in the location of their preferance.